Abandoned on the snow-covered, icy banks of the Ohio River, left there by a clan of otherworldly fiends who could no longer bear the incessant whining of the most unusual infant, Terry “Horns” Erwin was delivered on a dark and stormy and cold December night in the same month and year the Satanic Bible was first published..1969 (frightened yet?). Well, maybe it wasn’t storming, and factually it was a nearby Cincinnati hospital, but for the purpose of sounding cooler he would like us to entertain it to be so. Born under the sign of the Goat, this rebellious soul started writing fiction at an early age. His very first short story “The Sad Dragon”, written in the wild, jungle gym confines of primary school, won a prestigious blue ribbon award and infected him with the proverbial bug he’d later in life come to discover had burrowed deep within the core of his brain and cocooned there, waiting to mature and eventually claw out in one fierce, gore-splattered evening in 1999. By then the monstrous creature of sinister creativity had grown and become a thing of unstoppable, dark ideas that continues to this day to spew its horror on the written page. Feasting over the long years on a steady diet of horror books, slasher films, and metal music, it’s no wonder the content of the beast within has led him to pen some of the creepiest, most shocking tales known to mankind.

HORNS lives in Norwood, Ohio. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and has written numerous novels and works, such as STATIONHOUSE NO. 1, and CHOPHOUSE and CHOPHOUSE 2. His stories have appeared in caboodles of books and magazines and Internet sites.  At times he can be one of those pesky horror trivia guys who knows things that make some scratch their heads and roll their eyes. He is an animal rights enthusiast.


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“Aficionados of small press horror/slasher fiction will undoubtedly recognize HORNS as the author of scores of terrifying short stories and novellas. With CHOPHOUSE, now the reader can experience the sexy, soul-shaking, nerve-jangling horror HORNS brings to the page in full-on novel form. CHOPHOUSE is a blood-soaked, page turning terror ride, a vigorous trip into Dominic County with a cast of characters you’ll never forget!”  –Walt Hicks

“If you like Richard Laymon books then you’ll love HORNS. If you’ve ever watched a slasher movie then you’ll love this book. With every detailed scene it’s like watching a movie while reading. I can’t wait for Chophouse 2 & finding anything and everything HORNS!”  –Amazon customer

“Have you ever read a book you didn’t want to end but wanted to see how it ended all at the same time? That was this book. And nice job of setting up a Chophouse 3. Maybe a next generation Chophouse? I hope so. The only piece of advice I would offer is to get a good proof reader to catch mistakes and typos. They didn’t really take away from the story, but correcting them before the book goes into print would make it even better.”  Eddi Milstead Keller

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