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Exciting Spring releases are popping out! Prices slashed site-wide and lower than anywhere else!  We are one of the very best independent horror-related fiction publishers worldwide and it's all because our authors rock!


Affiliate Program


Be a Black Bed Sheet Books Affiliate! Make money selling our books for us!

You send people to this site by directing them to it through clicking a link or an image we generate for you, and get 10% to start which increases if you’re a good seller, plus get opportunities at 20% or more with special promotions, from anything your customers buy here.

Black Bed Sheet authors: You too can make an extra 10% or more on top of your royalties….you are not exempt! Promote your book or another author’s with a direct link to your book or theirs. Please though, this only applies to retails sales only, not to books purchased wholsesale or with author discounts.

HOW? You must first have an account with this store. On your account page, click the sign-up link on the bottom of your page. Fill in the information….when it asks for your website and you don’t have one, don’t sweat it, just put in any web location such as a Facebook page, it isn’t all too necessary for the way we set up this program.

Please wait up to 24 hours for us to admit you into the affiliate system. You’ll recieve an email verifying you’ve been accepted. After you’re accepted, log in to your account. You’ll find new links at the bottom of your page,and you’ll unlock secret pages with your own orders & payments chart & history, affiliate details, marketing tools and promotional options, customizeable link generators and awesome marketing images!

Sign up and get started! You’ll start at earning 10%, and we’ll have designated titles each week where you can earn 20% or sometimes more! Announcements will be made on our official Facebook page and tweeted.

Earnings for the current month will be paid out at the end of the month afterwards. For example, you would be paid at the end of September for the items you sold in August, etc. We pay for retail sales only, affiliate earnings do not apply for sales sold at author discounts or wholesale.

Please direct any questions to bbsadmin (at) downwarden.com or by using the store’s contact link. Thank you, and happy selling!!

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