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William Cook

William Cook is a writer of the macabre (and non-fiction) from New Zealand, a small antipodean island group in the South Pacific. When not writing, he looks after two small daughters and designs book covers that are designed to scare the hell out of people. Having held down a multitude of jobs he brings to his writing a vast array of experience that translates to the page in the form of strange characters and situations that bleed horror. From slinging timber in lumber yards, cutting plastic film in a meat packaging company, making rat-poison and acid cleaning products, working on a prawn trawler in the Gulf of Carpenteria, selling ads, and teaching English in Korea, to name a few of the roles he has performed – being a starving writer seemed like a completely viable occupation.  He is also an accomplished graphic artist.  As a writer, check him out at:   https://www.williamcookwriter.com

As a designer, check him out here:   https://bloodsoakedgraphics.tumblr.com/

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