Alan Draven

The Author of the novels BITTERNEST, FRACTURED TIME, NOCTURNAL OFFERINGS, HEROES OF THE NORTH: OCTOBER DAWN, and the collections THE BITTERNEST CHRONICLES and SPOOKY SHOWCASE, writing as Alan Draven for Horror/Urban Fantasy and as Neal Vandar for Thrillers/Action.  Alan Draven was born the same year the Canadian slasher film “Black Christmas” hit theatres. He lives in Montreal, Canada. His stories have been published online, in magazines, and anthologies and can be found in two collections: The Bitternest Chronicles and Spooky Showcase. His two first novels, Bitternest and Fractured Time were published in 2007 and 2011 respectively. In 2008, he edited the gothic anthology Sinister Landscapes which went on to become a number one Amazon bestseller. 

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Praise for Alan Draven

“Alan Draven has once again proven himself as a unique voice in the world of horror and suspense fiction with his latest release, NOCTURNAL OFFERINGS, a creepy, unnerving, and often unsettling thriller that is almost impossible to put down.”  –Brandon Ford, author of Splattered Beauty

“I think it is safe to say we can expect big things from this man…big, big things.” –J.B. Kohl, author of Over their Heads

“He brings all the different complex elements together in a intriguing fashion, keeping you glued to the story to see how it evolves from page to page.” –Patrick S. Dorazio, author of Comes the Dark

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    Alan Draven has a wild imagination and crafty storytelling skill, and his Bitternest books especially are to die for.

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