Franchisca Weatherman

Franchisca Weatherman is a small city girl with a dream bigger then the tallest building.   Franchisca Weatherman was born in Stanford Florida and eventually moved to Columbia South Carolina when her mom and dad got divorced.  Franchisca always admired her mom for taking on the responsibility of raising her, and two brothers. Even though Franchisca Weatherman always admired her mom and the strength she had everyday to make sure her and her brothers were well taken care of Franchisca knew that she wanted more from life then what could be dealt to her.  So she enrolled in the local college to take classes and eventually wanted to earn a degree in film. Now she resides in California with her fiancé Nicholas Grabowsky and hosts a popular internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio entitled “Francy and Friends.”


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Praise for Franchisca Weatherman

“Ms. Weatherman’s story takes the basic werewolf mythology and changes it to a new realm. She places it in New Orleans during Mardi-Gras celebrations. She takes what is already a crazy situation to ramp it up into a frenzy of party-goers and police trying to maintain order among numerous supernatural beings. Her story is a real nail-biter with humor and adventure thrown in. Franchisca’s first book is promising to be quite popular among readers who love great Gothic horror. Franchisca Weatherman is also the host of Francy and Friends on Blog Talk Radio on Sunday nights.  I wish that my first book was written so well! Franchisca Weatherman has written something of merit for her first effort.”  –Joe Blevins, author of The Familiar

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