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Matthew Ewald

As an actor, Matthew Ewald’s extensive experience and career in the industry began in 2001 when he completed not only his first feature film “Terminal Error,” but in the same year was fortunate enough to have portrayed Nicholas Bluetooth on the highly popular FOX science fiction/adventure television series “Galidor.” The franchise, an international hit, spawned Matthew his own action figure through the LEGO brand, as well as merchandising rights through Cap’N’Crunch cereal, McDonalds Happy Meal Toys, XBOX and Playstation video game consoles, among many others.

As a writer, Matthew is a published author with a number of horror stories already to his credit (three of which he had been asked to adapt into audio productions).  Human Nature marked his debut novel.  His follow-up novel, Whispers in the Cries, is his masterpiece of the genre combining frightening ghost story themes before a backdrop of events surrounding the RMS Queen Mary.

Find him also at:  https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0970866/

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Praise for Matthew Ewald

“I just finished this book while on vacation and was totally obsessed with it! The story was intriguing and the characters are so realistic. If you enjoy horror stories that leave you wanting more, then you need to read this unbelievable book by Matthew Ewald. The story is written so well, and is easy to follow. It was horrifying to read about such realistic and actual things that are or could be going on in our world. Matthew is an incredible writer and he most definitely has a firm grasp on “Human Nature”.I can’t wait for more-maybe even a sequel!I happen to know Matthew, and the tone of this book is so far from his personality, it made it even more intriguing to me. Please check this book out. You won’t be sorry.”  Deborah Mailhotte, on Human Nature, from Amazon

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