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Days of the Dead Nevada Necromance Authors


Nevada Necromance

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Nevada Necromance

Originally March 20-22, 2020

Horror fans are known to be an extremely well read, literate, creative and ambitious tribe. Fans have grown up to be mainstream icons with names like Steven Spielberg, Guillermo Del Toro, Tim Burton, Stephen King, Elvira, Peter Jackson, Anne Rice, Rick Baker and many more. These household names have one thing in common; Something inspired them to be more than just audience members. Something convinced them they could participate and contribute their own talents and stories to the inventive and exciting genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror that they love. Editor Joe Moe has partnered with Days of the Dead Horror convention promoter Bill Philputt, and Nicholas Grabowsky, publisher of Black Bed Sheet Books, to inspire that same spark of participation for a new generation of fans.

Martin Aguilera

Martin Aguilera is a writer, filmmaker, and bibliophile (reads 100+ books annually!) living in Los Angeles. Since 2017, horror-loving Aguilera has contributed articles to the GrandMonster of them all, considered the “Big Bang” of genre fandom since 1958, Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine! Martin has been a commissioned writer on a variety of independent film and TV projects as well as story consultant on movies for Blumhouse, Sony, and Paramount Pictures. Martin is currently writing and developing his feature film directorial debut, a horror movie (surprise!) to be produced by Escape Room and Insidious: The Last Key director Adam Robitel.

Jace Witman

Jace Witman grew up in Daly City terrified of the dark. He now lives in Northern California in a home haunted by monster paintings, masks and movie memorabilia. Jace considers himself a disciple of horror greats Bob Wilkins, Forrest J Ackerman, George A. Romero and musical icon Prince. In addition to being an accomplished artist, Jace is a filmmaker and musician. Jace survived a stroke in 2019 and has worked since to improve his health, mobility, creativity and productivity. His story, “The Ghost of Ron Witman,” is his first published short story. While mostly autobiographical, Jace’s ambivalence towards Las Vegas is real. Visit www.musicandmonsters.com, for more.

Jezibell Anat

Jezibell Anat is an actress, writer, and dancer who moved to Augusta, Georgia, in 2007, from a life in the theater of New York. She is co-creator and organizer of Quickies, the short play festival featuring original scripts by local authors at Augusta’s black box theatre, Le Chat Noir. She is involved in throwing the Black Cat Carnival. She has worked on Westerns, including playing “Serena,” the ghost of a madam, in Wyatt Earp Shoots First and has visited Nevada and other Western states for filming. Her work and research in this genre inspired Oh, Susannah! This is Jezibell’s second appearance in the DotD fanthology series, having been featured in “Georgia Screeches” (2020)

Allan J.D. McNeill

Allan J.D. McNeill is an independent horror author from Edinburgh, Scotland, with no specific connections to Georgia. However, he tends to set his stories in America. “I find it a fascinating country.” Allan wrote and self-published a trilogy of stories that ended up becoming his first novel, Tales by the Campfire. He followed with, Diary of a Broken Mind, Inflatable, and his biggest project to date, Planet of Dinosaurs which is a novelization of a movie that Allan watched endlessly as a kid. This is Allan’s 2nd appearance in our pages having previously been in “Georgia Screeches” (2020). As for Allan’s involvement in these fanthologies, he says, “It is undoubtedly a dream come true and an experience that I will never forget. Horror is life!”

Elizabeth Wynia

Elizabeth Wynia has tiptoed into darkness and mystery from early childhood. Sneaking into whatever horror film she could (way too young), poring over endless spooky books, and dancing with her nightmares when her head hit her pillow. The desert region of Nevada has always drawn and repelled her. Arid sands eager to give up buried secrets and legends – ever-thirsty for rain (or blood!). Elizabeth spends her days as a writer working at a Hollywood auction house, handling and describing the horror movie memorabilia of her dreams. She lives in West Los Angeles with her partner Steven and their imaginary black cat Jinx.

Richard A. Becker

Richard A. Becker has written short fiction, microbudget feature films, short films, encyclopedia articles, published poetry, tiki cocktail recipes, roleplaying games and lots of other things. He’s always had a love for genre fiction, especially horror, and the chance to bring some darkness to the land of sunshine and swimming pools was irresistible to him. Becker’s Dirty Pool story is saturated with the best kind of mystery and macabre monstrosity, all tied up in a sinister bow fashioned from this lunatic yarn of a dad and his son. Becker is a native of Los Angeles, California.

Russell Carroll 

As a native of Sacramento, Nevada is one of Russell Carroll’s neighbors. Whether going to Lake Tahoe or Reno or Vegas to take in shows or gamble, “Nevada has always meant a good time.” Caroll’s love of monster movies started with the original King Kong and watching Godzilla on Saturday afternoons. His 80s childhood was spent watching John Carpenter’s The Thing, American Werewolf in London, Alien, Aliens and Cronenberg’s The Fly, etc. “Getting published was a dream of mine.” Carroll is married to his wonderful wife Stefanie, has two beautiful daughters; Sofie and Isabel, and two German Shepherds: Auggie and Luna.

Spooky Boo Rhodes

Boo Rhodes is a writer and podcaster from Northern California. As a California native living close to Nevada, the desert has always been a favorite place to visit. Growing up she would take trips with her dad to find fool’s gold while he would soar in his glider. Boo’s story, The Costume Tailor is ripe with classic psycho-on-a-road trip dread infused with a fresh and modern nod to a sinister innovation of creepy Cosplay thrown in for good measure. These days you’ll find Boo telling creepy tales of horror from her home studio near San Francisco with her beautiful cats perched around her on their carpeted thrones.

Megan Di Stefano

Megan Di Stefano is a lifelong resident of Southern California known to sojourn in Las Vegas for concerts. Horror took root in her young heart as she gravitated to the darkest corners of libraries and video rental stores throughout her childhood. Megan is also a denizen of horror cons where like-minded monsters congregate to ruminate! While she has written dark fantasy novels and short stories previously, this is the first time she’s published a short horror story. “Nevada Necromance invites readers to glimpse the nightmares, lovingly cultivated, from my heart to yours.”

J.D. Rabid

Hatched the year Star Wars hit the screens, J.D. Rabid hails from the Phoenix desert, born and raised along with her demons. “The desire to write has always been strong in this one, as I have the love of all things dark and spooky.” Rabid is a member of a large geek/nerd social group and helps out charities in her spare time. At night, she can be found casting spells under a full moon or relaxing in her casket for some good ‘ol mindless boob tube. She likes Nevada just fine, but admits, “We’re not friends.” Rabid vows, “I have always loved the horror genre first and foremost…for really-reals, getting into an anthology is beyond compare!”

David Klein

David Klein grew up outside Albany, NY. He now resides in Phoenix, AZ. He’s been to Las Vegas in the past but now that the Raiders are moving there, he’ll probably go more often. Horror is David’s favorite genre of movies and books. He has attended horror conventions and serves as a perfect example of a creative voice that is born from becoming part of that community. He didn’t consider himself a horror writer until he was encouraged to throw his “bat” in the ring. His story is refreshingly short and sweet and to the point. David tells us, “Being included in this means everything because I have read horror anthologies for years.”

Samuel Glass Jr.

Samuel Glass Jr. is a writer, actor, voice actor, aspiring filmmaker, lover and most definitely a “FRIGHTER.” Originally from Washington D.C., Glass has been a Las Vegas native since 2012. An ex-performer at the short-lived but awesome Eli Roth’s Goretorium, when not writing (or procrastinating on said writing), he’s an avid music lover, supporter of live theater, avid attendee of conventions and festivals, and obviously, a horror junkie. He’s made brief appearances in the NBC series Homicide: Life on the Streets and in a John Waters film, Cecil B. Demented. Glass’s writing history spans poetry to porn. Dreaming of writing the Great American Horror Novel, he plucks away at that, as well as various short stories and screenplays. This is his first entry into a full-on anthology. Glass lives with his husband/partner of twenty-three years.

Joe Bitton

Born and raised in Boston, Joe Bitton has been a devout horror geek since early childhood. An avid reader from a young age, he spent many sleepless nights poring over Goosebumps and watching Tales from the Crypt. Joe’s love of the genre has only intensified. The inspiration for “Lioness” came from asking himself, “What caused me to fall in love with horror as a child?” Thinking back to nights watching the Cryptkeeper cackle away introducing his next tale of terror, and the rush of joy and excitement he felt over it, brought Joe to this conclusion: Those simple, pulpy stories were all moralistic tales. Grimm’s fairy tales for the slightly twisted. Joe observes, “The real payoff comes when the wrongdoer gets what they deserve!” In Lioness, Joe offers his interpretation of the moralistic horror yarn. Today Joe resides in Hollywood, California with his beloved cat, Jonesy. He (Joe, not Jonesy) is currently working on a collection of short stories and a novel.

Michael Graveborn

A 2-headed monster, Michael Graveborn is a bona fide Horror-head as well as a Metal-head. This horror fan, musician and writer makes his home in Orange County, California with his equally horror-obsessed bride and their children. A renaissance man, Michael adds professional photography to his extensive rap sheet of talents. One look at him, and all of these specialties make sense. His degree in accounting, however, is a bit of an anomaly. Michael regularly toils away like a mad scientist writing treatments and spec screenplays for horror movies. He has played music and cards in Vegas. Leave it to Michael to include a Horror convention in his story.

Luke Jonavic

Whether reading Goosebumps and The Shining, or watching Event Horizon and The Thing, Luke Janovic can’t remember a moment in his life that didn’t include horror. As a kid, he’d sneak into the horror section at Blockbuster and comb VHS covers for scary images. It gave him nightmares but he always came back for more. Luke says, “What makes the Horror industry so special is that it cannot be properly defined…It can take us to the depths of hell, up to the vast emptiness of space and everything in between.” The acceptance of his story for the Nevada Necromance is a dream come true and Luke feels honored to be a small part of the industry that he holds so near and dear to his heart. Luke was born in California and moved to Las Vegas in 2016 for work. “Nevada has been very kind.”

M. Donovan West

Initially birthed upon the shores of Loch MacGiggity, M. Donovan West emerged from his birthing tomb fully formed and girded for battle, which caused his mother no small amount of distress. Raised in a secluded convent by a militant sect of nihilistic lycanthropic wombats, he soon developed a disturbing proclivity for arranging words into very specific configurations, occasionally to the amusement / confusion of others. Currently residing on a thriving dust farm sequestered deep in the decidedly non-verdant outskirts of Phoenix, Mr. West continually attempts to refine his linguistic obsession at every opportunity, bolstered by the unflagging support of his wonderful (and endlessly patient) wife and two delightfully oddball daughters, to whom he wishes to express his deepest and most sincere love and gratitude.

Shawn O’Bannon

Shawn (Sean) O’Bannon is a fan of classic and Universal monsters, science fiction, military action and Star Wars genres, Renaissance Faire-type cosplay and good old-fashioned chivalry.  His contribution to this anthology, the engaging The Loneliest Road in America, marks his commercial literary debut where he explains exactly what kinds of freaks are out on the road on one particular Vegas night….

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