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Days of the Dead Georgia Screeches Authors

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Georgia Screeches

Atlanta Georgia February 9-12, 2020

Following in “Uncle Forry’s” clawprints, Joe Moe partnered with pals Bill Philputt, Days of the Dead Horror convention promoter, and Nicholas Grabowsky, publisher of Black Bed Sheet Books, to create an ongoing series of anthologies to promote literacy and creativity in fandom. Joe Moe believes we’re responsible to find our voice and then obligated to share it with the world! Reading horror engages our deepest imagination. Writing horror requires our furthest flights of fantasy. From the 1930s until his death in 2008, Uncle Forry believed that a world full of imagination was a world where no problem must remain unsolved. A world where we learn about each other by sharing our stories.

Jack Bannister

Jack Bannister was born and raised in Augusta and, along with his two cats, calls Georgia home. Regarding the genre, Jack believes, “Fear is an emotion that we all share, whether it be an unexplained feeling or documented phobia, we can connect on that shared feeling and find mutual ground in horror.” It’s not surprising that Jack’s influences include Sergei Lukyanenko and H.P. Lovecraft. His atmospheric and moody, “The Imposter” visits paranoid themes of loss of identity common to both of his heroes. If it’s true that one should write what they love and what they know, it stands to reason that Jack’s story would revolve around…a cat.

Jezibell Anat

Jezibell Anat is an actress, writer, and dancer who moved to Augusta, Georgia, in 2007, from a life in the theater in New York. She is co-creator and organizer of Quickies, the short play festival featuring original scripts by local authors at Augusta’s black box theatre, Le Chat Noir.  She is involved in throwing the Black Cat Carnival, the setting of her story here, and she’s the snake dancer, Regina Serpentina. A horror filmmaker, Jezibell hopes to write and act in more horror movies as well as create more horror dance performances in 2020.

Allen Alberson

Fingernails is based on a true story Allen Alberson experienced, a day after Christmas. It was fresh on his mind when this anthology was announced, and written in a day. Allen was born and raised in the hills of North Mississippi and transplanted to Mobile, Alabama where he lives and works today. Allen fell in love with horror at an early age, watching old Universal Horror classics on late-night TV. Those films still influence and guide him and were some of the happiest memories Allen has with his dad.

Richard Tanner

Richard Tanner is the award-winning writer/director of Room for Rent and Once Upon a Nightmare. He’s lived on the southside of Atlanta his entire life. He originally tried his hand at being a writer to make use of his English degree and it was that or become a barista. Shortly after his failed attempt at being the next great American novelist, Richard found himself serving coffee. So, he gave filmmaking a chance. About his love of horror, Richard says, “I grew up with a mother that would read me Stephen King stories for bedtime and a father that believed quality time was best spent watching black and white monster movies.”

Phillip Lawless

Phillip Lawless says, “I’ve lived in Alabama all my life, and every Alabama resident knows that our state is a shrunken, deformed Siamese sister draining precious life force from Georgia.” Working in marketing and promotion for decades. In the corporate world, it often feels like an imagination is a curse, but Phillip’s working to make it a positive. He currently resides on the outskirts of Birmingham, with his wife, son and “a worthless feline.” He sneaks out for heavy metal shows, independent pro wrestling events and comic book or horror conventions whenever possible.

Allan J.D. McNeill

Allan J.D. McNeill is an independent horror author from Edinburgh, Scotland, with no specific connections to Georgia. However, he tends to set his stories in America. “I find it a fascinating country.” Allan wrote and self-published a trilogy of stories that ended up becoming his first novel, Tales by the Campfire. He followed with, Diary of a Broken Mind, Inflatable, and his biggest project to date, Planet of Dinosaurs which is a novelization of a movie that Allan watched endlessly as a kid. As for Allan’s involvement in this anthology, he says, “It is undoubtedly a dream come true and an experience that I will never forget. Horror is life!”

Chuck W. Chapman

Singer, songwriter, writer, actor, director, and now published author, Chuck W. Chapman is from Greenville, South Carolina. He’s toured the U.S. in various rock bands and recently wrote, directed and starred in the Indie horror film He Drives at Night, with Butch Patrick of “Eddie Munster” fame. Chuck has also been a background actor in major motion pictures. Always fascinated by the darker side of human nature, ever since being scared out of his wits by the TV movie, Helter Skelter (at a much too early age), Chuck feels that, “Using horror as a creative outlet is a much more productive way to channel fear and frustration than serial killing.”

Amanda Blanton

Amanda Blanton was born and raised in Stockbridge, Georgia, south of Atlanta, where she lives with her family and pets. Her love of horror shares space with her love of the Atlanta Braves. She considers herself a True Crime junkie, which has only deepened her love for horror. This is Amanda’s first venture into writing horror, and her debut as a published writer. Amanda says, “I’ve always loved to write but never thought I would be taken seriously. I put a lot of effort into this story and to have been selected has been an absolute honor and privilege.”

Mike Lyddon

Mike Lyddon is a writer, producer, director and FX makeup artist known for films like Cut Up, Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras, Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, First Man on Mars and more. Mike filmed over 100 live indigenous and traditional music videos in South America. Having moved to Georgia from Peru a month earlier, Mike stumbled onto a strange house while walking around town. “I began thinking about why it was the way it was (no windows, one door). I thought it would make for a great horror tale. Right after that, I saw a notice for this Days of the Dead horror anthology!” The rest is history.

Alison MacInnis

Horror lover, screenwriter, and actress, Alison MacInnis is also something few people can claim to be: the Pink Power Ranger “Dana Mitchell” in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Alison’s love of the genre has grown up with her, and today, most of her favorite screenplays and stories she writes are horror-related. Alison’s relationship to Georgia is primarily through her travels to conventions and other work, but she is a disciple of old American folklore and rural mythologies, as you’ll find in her story. Alison is a triple threat:  smart, talented, and scary!

Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor is a screenwriter, author, and journalist whose works include Arctic Adventure!, an official Thunderbirds novel based on the British TV series as well as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Complete Series – Volume 2, and much more. Anthony’s articles have appeared in Famous Monsters of Filmland, Fangoria, Screem, FilmFax and most genre magazines. The many classic elements in his story, Topstone, are like a bloody sharpie plotting a course across the map of horrors past toward future terrors.

D.C. Phillips

We’re honored to include D.C. Phillips, the accomplished author of Frightful Fables, the tales that leave you screaming for more! He’s received praise for his dynamic and darkly ironic style, described as Flannery O’Connor meets Tales from the Crypt.  As a native of Atlanta, Georgia, D.C. cites Southern culture and classic horror as two of his major influences. He tells us, “I admire the greats who draw inspiration from their surroundings, from the subtle anxieties of suburbia to the creaky halls of a Victorian manor. My favorite authors and artists find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the horror in the mundane.”

Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook is an award-winning playwright and film-maker based in South Carolina.  Many of his stage plays have been produced around the world and he’s a four-time recipient of the Porter Fleming Library Award.  Other notable works include short horror stories that have been featured on the “Chilling Tales for Dark Nights” podcast.  More on Jonathan preceding his second tale in this anthology, The Tear in the Roof.

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