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Timothy Baker

Timothy Baker is a retired firefighter, martial arts instructor, and an aspiring, perspiring, horror writer. He has published several short stories in anthologies with Angelic Knight Press, a novel with Ragnarok Publications, and a trilogy of horror with Black Bed Sheet Books. His latest work is his short story, Cell of Curtains, in the recently released anthology, Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed from Tor and edited by Del Howison and Joseph Nascisse.

More:  https://www.amazon.com/Timothy-Baker/e/B00K5A8H00

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Praise for Timothy Baker

“Monster Ink is Timothy Baker’s collection of three short stories—Monster Ink, Hell and Tarnation, and Front Lines, Big City. This is very quick read.

Monster Ink leads this collection and takes up half the book’s pages. I thought the story started with a short sense of disorientation, but it soon paints a picture of Johnny, a member of a motorcycle club, whose skin is rotting and falling off. He is in the backroom of a tattoo gallery, begging for help. Pony, the tattoo artist, is another member of the motorcycle club who promises to help Johnny ‘get himself together.’ To tell you how Pony helps Johnny is a huge spoiler. Not only is Monster Ink an enjoyable horror tale, but Timothy Baker has a true flair for dark humor. I felt the humor translated well in this kickoff story.”  Jake Elliot, author of The Wrong Way Down

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