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Scott Twells

Starting my comics career in 2008 with the  (now defunct)webcomic anthologybusyslacker.com,where  I created many series and random artworks including scifi soap opera SJ4K, vigilante tale Blue Lighter Cult, and zombie survival stories East, through the deadland and Hughmanity, the remains of which can be seen here ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Busy-Slacker-comics/254205287939095  )…

Since then I’ve branched out into print, with one shot HumaGeddon (zombie tale with a twist), Zompokalypse (zombie tale without a twist),Bounty Hunter , The Trial Run , and a couple of anti bullying/ christmas anthologies. I’m currently doing regular work on Nightmare Illustrated and (at the time of writing) just completed a strip for 2000AD related fanzine Dogbreath. There are various irons in the fire in regards to future work, but not much I can talk about just yet (unofficial secrets act and all that)…

Oh yeah, I also do commissions. Anyting you like, real cheap.

When I’m not drawing things hurting other things I like to make electronic “music” in the guise of either Ay Yo Volcano, Trudy Rebel or the truly illegal sample rampage of Pho:Bias.I’ve also wasted over 28 days in the online world of GTA 5.

Find more here:  https://artoftwells.tumblr.com

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