Blue Bed Sheet Books

Nevermore Books by Reyna Young

Jenny and Barbara come across a book store they’ve never seen before. They meet the owner, Mr. Scares, who has his own tales to tell….

Bones by Emma Wynn

A small collection of scary ‘tween stories!   A girl has a chance to resurrect the skeletons resting deep within the bowels of her basement….

Welcome To Blue Bed Sheet Books

Black Bed Sheet Books introduces a new, provocative product line. 
Since 2008, BLACK Bed Sheet Books has been a leading name in the book industry, worldwide, in the independent small press horror fiction market.   We soon expanded to related genres, from which blossomed this new and exciting venture with a goal to inspire, educate, and entertain our children.

Watch us grow. 
We are in our infancy, so watch for more titles, and more content!

Our Current Children’s Titles:

Young Adult Titles You’ll Die For:

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