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It’s Women in Horror Month, not to mention Valentines!  Grab some juicy February deals storewide!

Human Nature by Matthew Ewald

The only survivor of the grisly aftermath of an activist raid on an animal testing lab leaves him institutionalized, and an unspeakable evil….


Mythic Blood by Shannon Lee

Two powerful brothers, separated at birth, find each other after being tortured and turned into vampire killing machines by sinister forces for use as weapons of Dark Ages warfare….


Leavitt's Asylum for Special Children by Nik Kerry

When child psychiatrist Dr. Edward Harris arrives at Leavitt’s Asylum for Special Children, he is met by the mysterious Melody Murdoc, a young telekinetic and telepathic girl who knows more about his life than he knows himself…


The Return of Spring-heeled Jack by Jennifer Caress

Spring-Heeled Jack is a British urban legend, first appearing in 1837. Eye witnesses tell of a man who could leap several stories in the air with little effort. Some say he could breathe blue fire, others say he lured women out of their homes and…


Unholy Repression by Jessica Lynne Gardner

Cole Carney longs to begin his career as a school teacher and the mysterious Father Stanton gives him a job at his old elementary school, where evil lurks down every hallway…


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