David Greske

David Greske was born in rural Wisconsin and ever since he can remember has had a fascination with the horror genre.  He grew up grew up feeding chickens, milking cows, and watching Saturday afternoon creature features when he should’ve been doing his chores.  He has been writing horror stories since the age of seven and one of his first literary endeavors was a rip-off of a Dark Shadows episode.  Since then his works have appeared in several magazines and anthologies including Black Ink Horror, Thirteen, Back Roads and Dark Moon Digest.

To date he has published over 20 short stories and  five novels.   All are available on  He co-wrote the screenplay to, BLOOD RIVER, based on his novel of the same title, which has been made into a feature film by ForbesFilm.   He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Check out his horror/science fiction monster rampage HARLOW from Black Bed Sheet Books!


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Praise for David Greske

“A tense chilling read packed with enough horror to keep the lights on at night. Greske is a rising voice in the genre!”  Wolfgang Brady

“David Greske Grabs Readers From The Very First Page And He Doesn’t Let Go Until The Last Page Is Read!”  –Hotcha (Amazon Reviewer)

“As I write this review I am still cringing and attempting to shake off the hideous images brought on by the descriptive detail of this horror flick written on paper.”  –Juanita Reynolds, Betsie’s Literary Page, on Greske’s novel Anathema

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