Chris Miller

Chris Miller is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and is a native Texan who has been writing from an early age, though he only started publishing in 2017. He attended North East Texas Community College and LeTourneau University, where he focused on creative writing courses. He is the superintendent of his family-owned water well company and his first novel, A MURDER OF SAINTS, has been met with acclaim from both critics and readers alike, as has his second novel THE HARD GOODBYE and his novella TRESPASS. His short stories–found in numerous anthologies–have likewise been praised. Chris and his wife, Aliana, have three children and live in Winnsboro, Texas.


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Praise for Chris Miller

On The Hard Goodbye:

“Brutal, driving suspense, with an opening that’ll grab you by the throat – but keep in mind it’s only the beginning.”—Ray Garton, author of LIVE GIRLS and RAVENOUS

On A Murder of Saints:

Evoking emotional attachment for a diverse cast of compelling characters and inducive villain, author Chris Miller impeccably manages to place well thought out flashbacks through the narrative to heighten the tension of the enthralling thriller. Genuinely impressive with a strong sense of style in the genre of mystery thriller, ‘A Murder of Saints’ does not lean on predictable standard tropes of mysteries read, making itself an appealing one. This read is highly recommended to those looking for an extraordinary work of talent.—Enas Reviews,

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