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Francy and Friends

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FRANCY & FRIENDS is a popular internet radio show sporting over 500,000 unique listeners and in its 9th year, and sponsored by Black Bed Sheet.  Its past guests and recurring personalities include FOX’s HELL’S KITCHEN contestants, legendary soul singer Solomon Burke, David Faustino, Courtney Gains, Jonathan Maberry, John Skipp, Craig Spector, Corin Nemic, Llyod Kaufman, Stephen Geoffreys, Bill Moseley, Jake Busey, Brad Loree, Jeff Conaway & Vikki Lizzi, Conrad Brooks, Tommie Habeeb (creator & host of Cheaters), the Young Rebel Goombas, horror host Mister Lobo, notable stand-up comics, and a number of successful horror genre independent filmakers, actors, and actresses.   It usually airs Sunday nights, 8pm Pacific time.


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