Nicholas White

Nicholas White has been previously published in short story form in ‘The Blackest Death’ anthology series. He is a political science graduate from the University of Toronto and holds a Chartered Insurance Professional designation from the Insurance Institute of Canada. The Sly Lake Gang is White’s first commercial fiction novel.

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    Praise for Nicholas White

    “I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for character driven stories. It’s always a bonus when those characters are thrown into a good plot. The Sly Lake Gang by Nick White was a great example of this. Starting out with an email exchange between two of the Gang, you get quick access to the characters. As the story unfolds you learn more and more about the gifts that make these now estranged friends ultimately inseparable. The villain of the story was unique because we got to ride around in his head. It was creepy and thrilling to get such an intimate understanding of the process he was going through from both the in and outside. This was a highly entertaining book that kept you going until the end. Here’s hoping for a sequel.”  –Michael R. Collins, author of Night Shall Overtake

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