Patrick James Ryan

Patrick Ryan grew up in Columbus, Ohio and started writing after graduating from college with a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Marketing. After marrying Molly and living vicariously through the sports and activities of their children ~ Colleen, Michael and Patrick ~ while balancing work in the financial services industry, Patrick recently reignited his writing passion in earnest cranking out Blood Verse in a little over a year while working on two novels and a second short story collection at present. An avid sports and music fan, Patrick enjoys Football, Basketball, Baseball, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and hard rock. In addition to writing, Patrick is a voracious reader, taking in an eclectic swath of fiction and non-fiction across many genres, with horror being a favorite. A practitioner of martial arts for over 25 years, he holds a second degree black belt and is a huge fan of Bruce Lee.


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Praise for Patrick James Ryan

“Patrick writes a hell of a vicious critter story and these little guys are particularly nasty.  The cover jumps out at you and foreshadows the promise of gore dripping pages of terror. Patrick has written a novel that delivers on this promise and is fueled by copious shots of Nitro. The action is fast and visceral, like a roller coaster ride. He takes the reader on a bumpy ride, full of gore, claws, and bullets….”   –Horror After Dark (on The Night It Got Out)

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