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As horrormeister Jason Gehlert’s library continues to evolve and expand towards new genres, his emergence as a literary voice continues to build momentum. On the heels of his highly successful jungle zombie novel, Contagion ( Publishing) and his short story collection Demon Revolver a personalized collection of paranormal mayhem and carnage in Ghost Prints, and The Ferrymen (Damnation Books), came JEREMIAH BLACK, which helped rise Gehlert to critical acclaim across several genres.  He is also the author of the acclaimed science fiction series Europa continues to enthrall readers, blending sci-fi and horror into what calls a “killer series.” His early werewolf series Quiver is currently being adapted for feature film, as well as The Woodsman. He also authored the more recent collections Cinema and Filter (the latter featuring a short comic book story featuring Mr. Gehlert), and edited the anthology Read Us or Die for Black Bed Sheet Books.  

Armed with a Communication/Media Degree from SUNY-New Paltz, Gehlert continues to tour the country, from the Playboy Mansion, to various horror conventions, offering advice about writing, marketing, and the promotional side of being an author, Jason is conquering the world with his fiction even as you read this. Jason lives with his wife, teacher and fellow author Tammy Gehlert, and their children, Natalie, Delanie and Cara.


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Praise for Jason Gehlert

“A harrowing tale through history’s darkest moments, cloaked in murder and mayhem. Jeremiah Black is a great romp through the bleak past, filled with action and horror and a ton of great, historical moments that will leave you wondering what really happened back then.”  –Tim Marquitz, author of Blackguard

“I just finished reading Filter by Jason Gelhert. I loved the other books by him that I read, Red Triangle is a huge favorite..all are well written and very scary. The graphics he presents in his descriptive words bring the surroundings to life and you find yourself actually feeling you are there in the midst of things; all the action and terror. It was no different with Filter. This book of short stories is filled with eerie and very frightening tales.
I loved Grave Digger which shocked and surprised me as well as causing me endless shivers. The Bone Whistle also gave me pause to search for the cover of a couch pillow to bury my face. It does no good because the mind still conjures up the pictures presented by Jason Gehlert’s talent. I have never been disappointed in any one of the tales I have read, written by his hand. What a mind. What an imagination. Methinks one of a kind.”  –Sandy Rozanski, author & reviewer

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