Rey Otis

Rey grew up in the eclectic cultures of Santa Monica and Venice California. She surfed and generally got up to no good till she traveled the Globe and landed in haunted New England where she generally gets up to no good.
She writes and reads the dark stuff and considers frightening her readers to be a very good thing.  STRANGE FRUIT: a ghost story is her first novel followed by DEAD BATTERIES and LADY OF THE DEAD.


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Praise for Rey Otis

“In this late night reader, a nurse heroine (Lyric) with unusual empathatic abilities is lured into a conflict between her present world and ghostly remnants from victorian era slave traders and owners. Expect yourself to care (and keep reading) about her survival as she confronts an evil force threatening both her and her loved ones within confines of the underground railroad. The scary imagery would translate into a good movie. Thankfully I don’t dream what I read.”  Lords A. Leapin (from Amazon review, for Strange Fruit)

“Ms. Otis just keeps getting better. After loving her first book, I jumped at the chance to read another. This is my favorite of the two. A little sci-fi, a little adventure, and a lot of courage! It is quick paced, yet has stunning character development. This book puts you in the drivers seat and makes you feel like you could be the heroine. Another great novel that I couldn’t put down!”  Ariel Newbury, for Dead Batteries

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