B.L. Morgan

B.L. Morgan is the author of The John Dark Books; Blood and Rain, Blood for the Masses, Blood on Celluloid, Blood and Bones, Red Simon: Vampire Punk and much more. He also authored  Night Knuckles and You Play/You Pay.  He writes fast paced action novels that blend science fiction, urban fantasy, detective, noir, horror and western genres.  He was born in the Midwest, lives in the Pacific Northwest, and has an outlook straight out of the Old West.  He is an ex-amateur boxer who will continue to practice Yoga daily until he finally gets it right.  He is college educated and has been a busboy, short order cook, a warehouse worker and delivery driver, served in the US Air Force, been an over-the-road truck driver and a property manager with over six hundred tenants among many other professions.  If you have a heart condition you might want to read anything other than what he writes. Don’t give any of his books to your Grandma to read unless the old girl has got a bucket of money and you’re in line to get a piece of that.


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Praise for B.L. Morgan

“B.L. Morgan has an aggressive writing style that borders on a men’s adventure novel.  I look forward to B.L. Morgan’s next literary publication!”  –Withersin Magazine

“This Author, B.L. Morgan, is a fantastic story teller.  This is an Author to follow and I most certainly will be.”  –Amazon Customer

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    If you want raw gritty horror fiction B.L. Morgan is one to read!

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