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(note:  Black Hamster TV stopped streaming when the video channel Veetle TV closed their website.  We’re working on bringing Black Hamster back and better than ever in 2020!)


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All About Black Bed Sheet

Black Bed Sheet Books/Diverse Media

Acquisitions:  c/o Acquisitions Department.  Estab. October 2008.  Publishes trade paperback originals and reprints, and ebooks.  Publishes 10-20 print titles per year, up to 20-30 ebook-only titles.  Receives 40% of books from first-time authors; 90% from unagented writers.  Pays average of 15% royalty on wholesale price for print books, 18%-50% on ebooks.  Does not yet offer advance.  Publishes book up to one year after acceptance, with an average of 6-8 months.  Accepts simultaneous submissions.  Publishes horror fiction and nonfiction, science fiction & fantasy.

Past titles:  Forest J Ackerman’s Anthology of the Living Dead (edited by J. Travis Grundon, contributors include Del Howison, Joe Moe, and Mr. Ackerman himself)Blood Orchard by S.D. Hintz, The Butcher Bride by Vince Churchill, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies by Kevin Mellor, The Last Church by Lee Pletzers.


A Word from the Founder  

Thank you for your interest in Black Bed Sheet Books.

In October 2008, I set into motion what it takes to establish a bona-fide publishing company out of my garage and two other offices inside my home.  If this venture proves to be an extremely successful one, I’ll still be operating out of my garage and home, but perhaps in larger ones.  Even if it doesn’t go that far, I’ve submerged a great many years of my life into not only the art of writing as a profession, fiction as well as non, but into the entire process of taking something creative from typed manuscripts to computer documents to something scribbled on grocery store paper bags or napkins, packaging them into a bookstore-quality products and presenting them to the world…..my own works, as well as works of others, since 2002 under the name of Diverse Media.  I decided that the time had come to take my publishing pursuits to the next level and to establish Black Bed Sheet Books as a credible, reputable, and successful publishing venture.  Since my reputation and focus is built upon the genre of horror literature, that is what BBS specializes in.

In the past, I’ve invested my writing career into publishers and agents that fell short of even minimal expectations.  As a result, I’ve become fiercely independent.  I’ve been working for myself and as a result brought myself farther into my career, and I have the will and means to do the same for you.

My objective is to be the ideal publisher I as a writer always wanted to have, and I intend to carry out that mission to the fullest.  I will work with each one of my authors to meet the highest quality publishing standards, and release each title to the broadest marketing and selling potential utilizing all the tools and resources available to me.

What We Offer

Professional editing

Professional book design, interior layout inside and out, with exterior art and cover design that not only makes authors proud but sells books

Printing & distribution, currently through our relationship with Amazon/CreateSpace and other worldwide distributors

Our titles are available and orderable through brick & mortar book stores and chains, and although we experience the same problems as most small presses when it comes to stores like Barnes & Noble who are hard-pressed to carry small press books, we find a focus/relationship with independent book stores to be a wise endeavor.

W e are a small publishing company, realizing the expenses resulting from returned books, returnability status is offered direct from the publisher under our wholesale for retailers program.

We will assign each print title with an 10 & 13-digit ISBN and sometimes a Library of Congress number, along with all the registration procedures a publisher makes that isn’t the responsibility of the author after signing

We believe an author signing with us should pay absolutely nothing for anything regarding their book, so we accept no fees.  Since we’re small and just starting out, we will make every effort to pay for marketing/promotional materials such as posters, book marks, buttons, pens, t-shirts, trinkets, but will consult with the author as well as third party investors for funding on such items.  It is our endeavor to be able to pay fully for these expenditures ourselves in the near future.

Appearances/signings:  we have a multitude of resources for our authors actively and physically making appearances and signings.  Working with each author on an individual basis, we will actively negotiate on the author’s behalf convention/book store/event appearances/signings and work with the author to provide an adequate number of books to sell at such events. We also group our authors together in events such as genre conventions, where we hold meet & greets and raging hotel parties, host entertainment, hobnob with industry hefties, and exploit our authors to important people.

Despite the climate of the current economy, we will strive to be kick-ass for you.  This isn’t a fly-by-night endeavor.  We’re not afraid to admit we’re starting off small or profess our limitations.  We believe we have what it takes to accept, package, and market a literary product to our mutual success.

We spotlight and promote our authors on FRANCY & FRIENDS, a popular internet radio show sporting over 500,000 unique listeners and in its 10th year, sponsored by Black Bed Sheet.  Its past guests and recurring personalities include FOX’s HELL’S KITCHEN contestants, legendary soul singer Solomon Burke, David Faustino, Courtney Gains, Jonathan Maberry, John Skipp, Craig Spector, Corin Nemic, Llyod Kaufman, Stephen Geoffreys, Bill Moseley, Jake Busey, Brad Loree, Jeff Conaway & Vikki Lizzi, Conrad Brooks, Tommie Habeeb (creator & host of Cheaters), the Young Rebel Goombas, horror host Mister Lobo, notable stand-up comics, and a number of successful horror genre independent filmakers, actors, and actresses.

We also plan, over the course of the near future, to further establish alliances with organizations devoted to publishers/small press, and the like, and to provide benefits for our authors, employees, and sub-contractors.

We hope you choose Black Bed Sheet Books as your next publishing endeavor, and, if you haven’t yet read us, your next reading experience.


Nicholas Grabowsky

Founder/Owner/Publisher/Writer/Chief Operator/Entrepreneur/Editor

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