Nicole Vlachos

Nicole Vlachos was born in Baltimore and raised in rural Pennsylvania, though she’s certain she was British in a former life. Her attraction to the dark side began when she was very young, introduced to Dracula and The Wolfman by her father, then discovering other dark delights on her own as she grew up. Now she takes her inspiration from music, movies and modern supernatural culture, never forgetting the classics that she cut her fangs on. Nicole currently resides in Florida.


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“I purchased this book at the Gettysburg, PA Horrorfind in 2012. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. I am not one to read a book over again, and I usually let others have the book once I’m finished. But not this one. I want to read it again. I wish someone would turn this book into a movie. It would be such a hit!!!! Better, it’s for us older Vampire fans, no kiddie stuff and just Vampires no other supernaturals.”  –from Amazon review, on Order of the Blood

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