Jeff Carroll

Jeff Carroll is a writer and filmmaker who is, at his core, an activist.  His writings have a social message.  He has written both non-fiction and fiction.  He says he has an L. Ron Hubbard complex because he hopes to write so well it will change the behavior of people.  He has written the Hip Hop Dating Guide and produced the movie Gold Digger Killer. He is a dedicated Sci-fi writer having released his first Sci-fi book in 2013, Thug Angel Rebirth of a Gargoyle.  His short stories have been published in the anthology Bloodlines, Tales from the African Diaspora, Shriekfreak Quarterly magazine, Hacker’s Source Magazine and the Black Science Fiction Society’s Genesis magazine.  In addition to his writings, Jeff Carroll is the first Hip Hop dating coach and he speaks to college and high school students about healthy dating.  He lives in South Florida with his wife and son.


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“Jeff Carroll has done it again. It Happen On Negro Mountain is truly one of the most creative horror stories I have read in a long time. His character development has truly intensified from his first novel Thug Angle. IHONM keeps you wanting more by each passing page. His main character, Destiny, is the epitome of how our youth are forced to mature to a harsher reality. The choices that she has to make in order to survive finds you in a moral dilemma of what are truly right for her age, and what is wrong for her age. One thing is for sure, this book will be one of your favorite reads.”  –James (from Amazon review)

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