Tony Belmonte

Tony Belmonte currently is an elementary school teacher in the Chicago-land area. He received his B.A. in Political Science with a Minor in History from Seattle Pacific University and received a Masters in Education from Roosevelt University. He and his wife Jenni make their home in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  He “writes for fun and therapy,” and has previously published a trio of short stories, The Sweet Taste of Spring in 2002.  The Feral Flu, from Black Bed Sheet Books, is his horror/thriller fiction debut.


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    Praise for Tony Belmonte

    “Mr Belmonte, who in addition to his writing skills happens to be an accomplished Men’s League Hockey Champion, takes us thru the epic journey of zombies and survival. Clearly showing his Chicago roots, the story twists and turns through the North Shore and into Wisconsin during a time of mass chaos and confusion. As a flu like epidemic sweeps the country and initially wipes out St. Louis, the masses fight to remain alive and avoid those who have been infected. Despite the governments inability to curb the pandemic the only means of survival seems to be red hair! the book abruptly ends and leaves the reader hanging on the edge of their seat as to what might occur. once can only hope that the sequel to this classic sc-fi book is in the works.”  –from Amazon review of The Feral Flu

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