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Jennifer Caress

A Colorado native, Jennifer began writing poetry as a means of exorcising and subsequently dissecting her thoughts, a poor girl’s therapy as it were. These turned into short stories and slowly but surely longer stories. The stories tend to become paranormal, horror, or dark fantasies through no fault of her own. As most writers know, the work goes where it wants.  Her first book, Perverted Realities, was published in late 2005, her second book, Dragging Wings, followed, and soon after, her third novel Blood of the Broken was released.  The Return of Spring-heeled Jack helped further catapult her work to critical acclaim in the horror/thriller genres, and with Diamond Eye Phyllis she’s proven she can master off-beat science fiction as well.  She’s married and lives in Colorado.

Website:  https://www.tomorrowalora.com/jennifer-caress

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Praise for Jennifer Caress

“I have to admit, this novel surprised me and kept me guessing where it might be headed. I began the book fully expecting to read a scary horror novel but althought there are definiely many frightning scenes (especially at the beginning), this book veers more in the directon of dark fantasy – not that there’s anything wrong with that. I found myself intriqued by the masked, goggle wearing man and kept hoping to see a glimpse of him without his costume, just to see if he was really a man, or some type of ghoulish creature. His search for the mysterious doorway into utopia was quite fascinating and Jennifer obviously has plans for a sequel to this book. Good stuff. I’d love see more of old Jack!”  –Gord Rollo, author of Jigsaw Man

“This was a fun story to read. I’d never heard of Spring-heeled Jack so I can’t compare it to other stories written about him. But I thought the author did a great job developing believable characters and a page-turning plot. Never a dull moment. In fact, there were some very creepy moments in the novel that kept me up at night. The plot is easy to follow as there aren’t a whole lot of characters and the story flows with a nice pace. I recommend this novel and look forward to reading more from this author.”  –from Amazon customer

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