Ruschelle Dillon

Ruschelle Dillon is a freelance writer whose efforts focus on the dark humor and the horror genres. Ms. Dillon’s brand of humor has been incorporated in a wide variety of projects, including the irreverent “Caustic Cookbook” and novelette “Bone-sai”, published through Black Bed Sheet Books as well as the live-action video shorts “Don’t Punch the Corpse” and “Mothman”.  She also interviews authors for the Horror Tree website.

Her short stories have appeared in various anthologies and online zines such as Strangely Funny III, Story Shack, Siren’s Call, Weird Ales- Another Round and Women in Horror Anthology Vol 2 and Her Dark Voices. Her collection of short stories, Arithmophobia was published on Dec of 2017 by Mystery and Horror LLC is available through Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

Ruschelle lives in Johnstown with her husband Ed and the numerous critters they share their home with.


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“Bone Sai is an uncompromising kick to the gut. And it’s strange, very strange. What this guy goes through in Japan is an experience you will not soon forget. If you’re a man, you may want to talk about it, talk therapy as they say, but you won’t want to talk about it much, because it’s just too damn “uncomfortable”. If you’re a woman and a horror fan, sit back, enjoy, have a few laughs, for this is yet another reason you’ll be thankful you weren’t born a man.”  –Alexander Beresford, author of Charla

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