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The weather outside is frightful. As a monster snowstorm crosses the midwest, it brings with it sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, fog, and something far deadlier….ancient, and with an unquenchable desire for human flesh: The Windego. As travelers do their best to navigate the terrible blizzard and white-out conditions that have descended upon their part of the country, they discover that the weather outside isn’t the only thing that‘s frightful. The Windego are out there, and, for some, whose lives become intertwined in the storm, they confront an even darker evil… themselves. From the author of Dark Harbors and From Paradise to Hell.

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Author: Tom Sawyer-1 ISBN: N/A

Michigan author Tom Sawyer invites you into a world where, just like his acclaimed line of horror works (From Paradise to Hell, Shadows in the Dark), the reader is plunged into sights and sounds and storylines that stretch the boundaries of imagination into the nightmarish. This solid collection marks the debut of Mr. Sawyer into the realm of Science Fiction with a central alien invasion theme where mysterious dandelion patches, extraterrestrial zoos and otherworldly entities abound, weaving a literary fabric that is altogether enthralling, whimsical, endearing, and from the very start you’re in for a wild and Twilight Zone-inspired ride!


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