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When Steve Sabatka was five years old, he saw the original, classic King Kong for the first time. He hasn’t been the same since. As a kid, Steve started making 8mm movies, animating clay dinosaurs in miniature jungles, and dreaming of becoming the next Ray Harryhausen. But by the time Steve was a senior in high school, stop motion had become a dying art. Steve started writing – and dreaming of being the next Ray Bradbury. When he was in college, Steve met Fay Wray in person at a film festival in Dallas, Texas. So effusive was his praise and appreciation for Ms. Wray, that the aging actress felt it prudent to alert theater security guards. Happily, no charges were preferred. Steve also met his childhood idol, Ray Harryhausen – and actually shook the hand that gave frame-by-frame life to Mighty Joe Young, and Gwangi. Steve lives in Newport, Oregon, just a few blocks from the ocean, and teaches at Newport High School – home of the Cubs. Mister Fishback’s Monster is his first published book.

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Praise for Steve Sabatka

“Sabatka’s first novel is a fun foray into the somewhat twisted (but altogether normal) teenaged mind of Steve. Steve is a creative high school boy whose passions include stop-motion films, marine life, and one of cinema’s great female action heroines, Pam Grier. Readers are privy to Steve’s search for Moby Dick metaphors, his fantasy love affair with Grier, and his grief over his twin sister’s death as threads that weave the fantastic events together. There’s plenty of action (exploding giant squid, a car chase, and more) and a brief bit of historic fiction tossed in for flavor. Sabatka’s spontaneous story-telling and relatable characters are sure to be a hit with even reluctant readers. Mister Fishback’s Monster would be a great reading assignment for high school classes wanting to explore personal narrative writing.”  –E. Fox, from Amazon review

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