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David Greske

Raised in rural Wisconsin, David Greske grew up feeding chickens, milking cows, and watching Saturday afternoon creature features. Not necessarily in that order. He has been writing horror stories since the age of seven and one of his first literary endeavors was a rip-off of a Dark Shadows episode. Many years later his stories have appeared in Black Ink Horror, Back Roads, Thirteen, and Dark Moon Digest.

His published novels include ANATHEMA, NIGHT WHISPERS, RETRIBUTION, BLOOD RIVER, as well as HARLOW, which is now available through Black Bed Sheet Books. He co-wrote the screenplay to his novel, BLOOD RIVER, which has been made into a feature film by ForbesFilm.

Currently, Mr. Greske lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is continuously writing screenplays, novels, short stories, and publishing them for the world to enjoy.

Visit his website at www.davidgreske.com

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