Michael R. Collins

Michael R Collins is an author of stories that need be told.  Often dark and sometimes seedy, they can also be poignant. They are fast-paced and atmospheric stories with characters both fantastic yet relatable. Born and raised in Southern Idaho, he currently lives in the creative bosom of Austin, Texas.  If he’s not working for the man, he’s either writing or annoying the neighbor by playing his bass guitar far too loud.

His other passion is music and getting music out there for the masses.  He hosts an internet radio show live every Saturday night at 9pm called Saint Zero’s Headphone Bleed.  You can catch it live at or previous episodes here on the blog.

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“Night Shall Overtake by Michael R. Collins is an urban fantasy, set in a world like our own but full of supernatural creatures (there are no vampires, thank goodness.) The protagonist is a detective with special powers. What starts out as a standard case turns into more than this detective and her coworkers bargained for.

I received this book in the Lovecraft ezine winter sale. I was not drawn in by the cover, which I don’t think does the book justice. When I started reading and saw that it was about a detective that solves supernatural mysteries, I assumed it would be a Harry Dresden knock-off. I started reading, anyway. And kept reading. The story and writing sucked me in and couldn’t stop reading until the end!”  –Geeky Girl (Amazon review excerpt)

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