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M Calhoun

M Calhoun is an emerging Alaskan painter, photographer, and artist. The mediums she has worked with are pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, acrylic paints, and a digital camera. She paints wild landscaped sceneries, and powerful abstracts.

In her photography, she enjoys altering her pictures to either enhance the subjects, or to change them completely into abstracts that provoke a wondrous awe.

Calhoun sees potential for beauty in the world around her. From ordinary household items to obscure angles to intimate shots of nature to the vulnerable moments of raw human emotion, in everything there is something beautiful to be seen.

Her desire is to find, capture, create, enhance, and share the hidden beauty of this life with others who are willing to see ~ ever glorifying the Lord Jesus who gives her these visions to work with.

Nocturnal Vows is her first novel.

More about M Calhoun:  https://mcalhoun04.wixsite.com/mcalhoun-writer

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Nocturnal Vows

$15.98 $9.98
Annette is a young woman who had just found out she was pregnant. The father, Jake, is about to leave for the military, and will not return until after his first child is born. He intended to marry her once he did come home. Unfortunately, he dies just before she gives birth. Annette is devastated and wants to marry her deceased fiancé anyway so that her child will have his name. But since that is illegal in the United States, her friend searches out alternatives, determined to comfort her. She finds a church that is willing to perform the ceremony even though the union wouldn’t be legally binding.  Annette does indeed marry Jake, but doesn’t realize that this strange religious sect has ulterior motives of their own...Also available in Ebook here: Nocturnal Vows[su_list icon="icon: book"]
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  • Paperback: 300 pages
  • Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books; 1st edition (June 4, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.8 x 8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces
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Praise for M. Calhoun

“Calhoun is a born storyteller and knows how to keep the reader in suspense. There are unexpected plot twists; so I’ll try not to give away any “spoilers.” This is the author’s first book, and sometimes she does tell rather than show the reader what’s going on, but that does not change my expectation that this book would make a great horror film. Calhoun uses classic horror elements skillfully, with cliffhangers provided periodically to keep the reader in suspense as well as those unexpected plot twists to ratchet up the angst. (Although there’s not an enormous amount of gore all told, some of the characters meet fates that are, shall we say, not for the squeamish.) The “good” characters are sympathetically portrayed, and many of them go out of their way to help others in time of need or trouble, the latter being abundantly provided by the natural tribulations of life on this earth and, beyond that, by the forces of evil and its minions–some unnerving and truly chilling characters, both alive and dead, in this world and the next and from other dimensions. The author is a Christian, and the power of prayer prevails.”  –from Amazon reviewer

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$12.98 $7.49
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Or purchase the print book here:
  • Paperback: 220 pages
  • Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books; 1 edition (April 15, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.6 x 8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 10.7 ounces
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White Out –Ebooks

$6.98 $3.98
The weather outside is frightful. As a monster snowstorm crosses the midwest, it brings with it sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, fog, and something far deadlier....ancient, and with an unquenchable desire for human flesh: The Windego. As travelers do their best to navigate the terrible blizzard and white-out conditions that have descended upon their part of the country, they discover that the weather outside isn't the only thing that‘s frightful. The Windego are out there, and, for some, whose lives become intertwined in the storm, they confront an even darker evil... themselves. From the author of Dark Harbors and From Paradise to Hell.[su_button url="https://blackbedsheetbooks.com/tom-sawyer/" style="3d" background="#80332c" icon="icon: book"]Visit the Author's Page[/su_button]Purchase the Ebook here:  

Landfill –Ebooks

$5.98 $3.98
Biology professor Max Hurd’s life is unraveling. Separated from his wife, pressured to perjure by his boss, and suspected by a psychotic cop of murder when that boss disappears already adds to his psychosis of fearing the dark. No one believes him of the real problem that has caused his boss and others to vanish near Gulls Bay: warrens of raccoon-sized carnivores multiplying in warrens beneath the dump, which DOE wants to re-open so that mining of methane can begin.[su_button url="https://blackbedsheetbooks.com/david-l-hoof/" style="3d" background="#80332c" icon="icon: book"]Visit the Author's Page[/su_button]Purchase the Ebook here:  

Diamond Eye Phyllis – Volume One –Ebooks

$3.98 $2.98
Diamond Eye Phyllis is an intergalactic thief who travels from world to world, stealing what she can, taking what her boss sends her to retrieve, and screwing it all up as she goes along. Author Jennifer Caress takes you on a wild and psychedelic ride through Phyllis' outrageous misadventures, one otherworldly tale at a time.Purchase Ebook here: 
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