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Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road

Roads have been around for centuries, allowing mankind a convenient path to arrive at their destination—be it a lengthy vacation getaway with family or merely to their own inviting home after an exhausting day at work. These roadway treks can bring with them a lifetime of memories.  But not all memories are good. And some things are best left forgotten.

Join our storytellers as they share the morbid, woeful, and disturbing outcomes of an otherwise normal commute, as we watch each of these unfortunate souls fall victim to their own little bumps in the road.

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Chad Lutzke –compiled & edited by

Chad lives in Battle Creek, MI. with his wife and children where he works as a medical language specialist. For over two decades, he has been a contributor to several different outlets in the independent music and film scene including articles, reviews, and artwork, as well as his own—now defunct—publication, Cornflake Overdose. Chad loves music, rain, sarcasm, dry humor, and cheese. He has a strong disdain for dishonesty and hard-boiled eggs. He has written for Famous Monsters of Filmland, Rue Morgue and Scream magazine. He is a regular contributor to Horror Novel Reviews, Halloween Forevermore and Heavy Planet. You can find his fictional work in Shadows & Light #3, #4, #5 A Merry Scary Christmas, Devolution Z Magazine #3, Straight to Video II: The Sequel, Straight to Video III: Conquest of the Planet of the Tapes, Toys in the Attic: A Collection of Evil Playthings, and his Double Feature Collection series, including books I, II, & III: Two Before Dawn, Little Ones of Wood & Hair, and Death Dealers:  Aid from the Elderly. Chad’s 18-story horror anthology Night as a Catalyst was released in spring 2015. In 2016 several more releases will be added to Lutzke’s body of work, including Car Nex: From Hell they Came and the Cadence in Decay and What Goes Around…anthologies.

Chad can be found lurking the internet at the following addresses: His online home: Facebook: Amazon Author page: Twitter:

Shane Simmons

Shane Simmons is an award-winning screenwriter and graphic novelist whose work has appeared in international film festivals, museums and lectures about design and structure. His art has been discussed in multiple books and academic journals about sequential storytelling, and his short stories have been printed in critically praised anthologies of history, crime and horror. He lives in Montreal with his wife and too many cats.  @Shane_Eyestrain

Donald J. Bingle

Random true facts about Donald J. Bingle: He was the Keeper of the World’s Largest Kazoo. He made up the science of Neo-PsychoPhysics for a time travel roleplaying game. He is a member of The International Thriller Writers. He once successfully limboed under a pole only nineteen inches off the ground. He has written short stories about killer bunnies, civil war soldiers, detectives, Renaissance Faire orcs, giant battling robots, demons, cats, werewolves, time travelers, ghosts, time-traveling ghosts, spies, barbarians, a husband accused of murdering his wife, dogs, horses, gamers, soldiers, Neanderthals, commuters, kender, Victorian adventurers, lawyers, and serial killers (note the serial comma). Of those subjects, he has occasional contact in real life only with dogs, cats, gamers, lawyers, and commuters (unless some of those are, unknown to him, really time travelers, ghosts, demons, serial killers, spies, or murder suspects). He is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He was once hit by lightning. He was the world’s top-ranked tournament player of classic roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons for more than fifteen years. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association. He was an Eagle Scout. He is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. He has a fascinating website at He’s had five books and more than fifty short stories published. His thriller and horror works include The Love-Haight Case Files, Frame Shop, Crimson Life/Crimson Death, Tales of Humorous Horror, Shadow Realities, and Gentlemanly Horrors of Mine Alone.

Adam Vine

Adam Vine is the author of Lurk, coming early 2016 from Forsaken Books. By day, he is a game writer and designer. He has lived in four different countries and visited almost thirty. He currently resides in Boston with his girlfriend Hannah. His short fiction has appeared in various horror, science fiction, and literary fiction magazines and anthologies. When he is not writing, he is traveling, reading something icky, or teaching himself to play his mandolin.

Kevin M. Folliard

Kevin M. Folliard is a Chicagoland fiction writer with a degree in English and creative writing from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. His published fiction includes scary stories collections Christmas Terror Tales and Valentine Terror Tales, and adventure novels for 12 and up such as Jake Carter & the Nightmare GalleryViolet Black & the Curse of Camp Coldwater, and Jimmy Chimaera & the Temple of Champions. Folliard’s work has appeared in Sanitarium Magazine, and he has also developed films and web series for the Champaign-based studio Neon Harbor, including the acclaimed video game parody Press Start series. You can learn more about his writing at

Becky Pate

Bekki Pate was born in Nottingham and currently lives in Wolverhampton with her partner and five-month-old daughter. She is the author of horror novels The Willow Tree and The Shadow Beneath, and the short story collection Into the Dark. Bekki is always writing – whether it is short stories or full­length novels, and in 2016 she will be releasing her third novel – The Pale Man. Along with spending time with her daughter and partner, Bekki is an avid reader; her favourite authors being Stephen King, Elizabeth Kostova and Richard Laymon.

John Boden

John Boden lives a stones throw from Three Mile Island with his wonderful wife and sons. A baker by day, he spends his off time writing or working on Shock Totem or watching movies and reading. He likes Diet Pepsi and cheeseburgers and  sports ferocious sideburns. While his output as a writer is fairly small, it has a bit of a reputation for being unique.

His work has appeared in 52 STITCHES, EVERYDAY WEIRDNESS, METAZEN, BLACK INK HORROR, WEIRDYEAR, NECON E-BOOKS, SHOCK TOTEM, SPLATTERPUNK, BLIGHT DIGEST, and LAMPLIGHT as well as the John Skipp edited PSYCHOS, ONCE UPON AN APOCALYPSE, ROBBED OF SLEEP. His not-really-for-children children’s book, DOMINOES is a pretty cool thing.

Glen Damien Campbell

Glen Damien Campbell lives and works in London. His horror fiction has appeared in a variety of anthologies and magazines, including Something Wicked Vol. One100 Doors to MadnessTales of the Undead: Suffer EternalTales from the Blue Gonk Café and Miseria’s Chorale. Besides writing, his interests are music, painting and horror movies. For more information about Glen, or to read his jottings on various things horror related, visit his blog at

Suzie Lockhart

Convinced she was destined to be an artist, Suzie Lockhart attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh after graduating high school, but the gnawing urge to write always remained with her. She originally wanted to write romance novels, but after discovering the innate ability for macabre storytelling, Suzie embraced her inner-creepiness. When her son Bruce realized he had the same passion for writing chilling tales, they teamed up. Three years of working together have produced over thirty short stories, in a dozen paperback publications and a variety of eZines

After building a solid reputation, they were asked by a small U.K. publisher to edit an anthology. ‘Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers’ took second place in the 2013 P&E Readers Poll. Four more anthologies yielded another award for ‘Fractured Realms’, a charity anthology benefitting the Autism Trust. The duo was also recently featured in an article by Kurt Shaw in the Sunday Tribune Review for their work with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Alumni Show.

Presently, ‘Team Lockhart’ is focusing their energies writing their YA novel.

They can be reached at

Bruce Lockhart II

When author Suzie Lockhart’s son Bruce realized he had the same passion for writing chilling tales as his mom, they teamed up. Three years of working together have produced over thirty short stories, in a dozen paperback publications and a variety of eZines

After building a solid reputation, they were asked by a small U.K. publisher to edit an anthology. ‘Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers’ took second place in the 2013 P&E Readers Poll. Four more anthologies yielded another award for ‘Fractured Realms’, a charity anthology benefitting the Autism Trust. The duo was also recently featured in an article by Kurt Shaw in the Sunday Tribune Review for their work with The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Alumni Show.

Presently, ‘Team Lockhart’ is focusing their energies writing their YA novel.

They can be reached at

Jon Rollins

Jon Rollins is a Harley-riding writer hobbyist residing in Texas, where everything is bigger (including the nightmares). His short stories have appeared in various publications including (coming early 2016) and Down in the Dirt Magazine. And there’s more to come.

Kelly M. Hudson

Kelly M. Hudson is an author of over two dozen published short stories and two novels. More information about his work can be found at his website Kelly loves nothing more than to drive down a dark, deserted road after midnight, seeking all that the shadows hold…

Vincent Treewell

Vincent Treewell is the pen name of an author living in the greater Milwaukee area.  Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, he joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and was stationed in Naples, Italy; Twenty-nine Palms, California; and Mogadishu, Somalia (during Operation Restore Hope 1992-3).  Vincent did not escape Somalia unscathed and deals with PTSD to this day.  After the Marines, Treewell also served in the Army infantry at Fort Benning, Georgia, worked private security, and attended college before becoming a deputy sheriff.  He worked for fourteen years in law-enforcement before leaving to practice as an attorney.  He lived in the central city of Milwaukee for seventeen years before moving to a metro suburb fairly recently.  Vincent’s interests include unsolved mysteries, the paranormal, hunting, and fishing.  He is a happily married family man.

Stanley Webb

Stanley’s childhood dreams were inspired by the classic films of horror and science fiction. While other boys developed their love of team sports, he drew cartoon books about giant monsters. He evolved to more serious writing at the age of ten, inspired by his literary idols, Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. In his teenage years, Stanley attempted a few magazine submissions, but without success. He spent the following decades earning an honest living, but his imagination continued to create stories. After taking an early retirement from a job in the automobile industry, he once more offered his tales for publication, this time finding acceptance. His work appears in the anthologies “Daylight Dims 2”, “Fossil Lake 2”, “My Favorite Apocalypse”, and many others. Stanley lives on a country road in upstate New York.

Pam Farley

Pam Farley was raised in Adelaide, South Australia. She moved to the country twenty-five years ago to live her dream; a quaint cottage with a garden, and a view of her horses from the kitchen window. Her husband and assorted animals now have the house to themselves, but she has children and grandchildren living nearby. Pam has worked as a Veterinary Nurse since leaving school and has a special interest in surgical and emergency nursing. She also works as a volunteer Ambulance Officer. Her other interests include horse riding, gardening, motorcycle riding, kayaking, travelling, walking her dogs and hanging out in her hammock (whilst reading a book). Pam has written more than sixty short stories and has had many published in various magazines and anthologies. The Hunter Within is her sixth novel-length story and is the first one published. The Hunter Within won the 2015 Murray Book Prize.

James H. Longmore

James hails originally from Yorkshire, England, having relocated with his family to Houston, Texas in 2010.

James’ first novel, the intense psychological horror ‘Flanagan’ is to be published by Blood Bound Books in 2015/16. He has a second novel optioned and some of the short stories written for his anthology ‘Blood & Kisses’ are slated to be published in independent publications.

He has two feature screenplays under option (a Tarantino-esque crime caper and a family movie), and one under consideration with a production company via his UK agent (a terrifying horror).

James was commissioned in 2013 by Cab Enterprises/Productions to write a family-friendly, animated feature ‘Manbug’ which is currently attracting finance.

In 2014 James was writer for hire for Spectra Records on a biopic feature of Bob Marley. He also wrote the pilot and second episode of a sitcom for a Kenyan production company. In 2015, James wrote the faith-based family movie ‘Church Mice’.

He also writes and directs short movies; winning Best Director in the 2013 Splatterfest competition and numerous REMI Awards at Houston’s Worldfest Film Festival – 2012, 2014, 2015. In addition, he has two short films selected for screening in the 2015 Gulf Coast Film and Video festival.

In his spare time, James pens and performs stand-up comedy on the Houston comedy circuit. James’ style is described as uncompromising, unique and entertaining; he combines highly original ideas with a brilliant vocabulary and effective story telling – in everything he creates, the story comes first!

His work does have a tendency towards the dark side – usually with a rich vein of humor – and there is usually a twist in the tale!

Kyle Yadlosky

Kyle Yadlosky is the author of stuff that he writes. You can learn a little more about him at or follow him, @KyleYadlosky, on Twitter.

Michael Brodie

Michael Brodie loves to write stories. He’s won no awards, signed no lucrative contracts, and never really prospered from his work. Still he perseveres, secure in the knowledge that like all the greatest artists, his genius will be discovered after his death. Which ought to be any second now if he’s timed those pills right.

(In lieu of flowers, please send a cash donation to

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